If You Dream of Becoming a Published Author or
Presenting in Front of a Live Audience ...

...We Have a Rare Opportunity For You. At Champion Studios, we transform professionals (like you) into thought leaders by helping you showcase your favorite subject matter with a platform that provides social proof of your expertise. Over the years, we've successfully coached hundreds of aspiring authors and speakers who were ready to take their business to the next level.

How Can We Help You?

1. Coaching for Aspiring Writers/Authors: We promote your knowledge and experience by helping you write a novel, memoir or book of business practices, paying special attention to your personal message of principles for success. Working with a wide variety of writers, from beginners to professionals, we help you start, finish and publish your story for current and future generations. We use an exclusive, proven formula to help make your story a page-turner! Ghost writing is also available. Info here.

Interested in creating a Legacy video? As a professional, you've dedicated yourself to building your reputation and living life according to your values. With your experience comes a unique story that will inspire your family, company or community. Share your memories now and they'll have them forever. Watch My Brother the Boxer: The Terry Daniels Story, or contact us about our popular Legacy Videos.

2. The BLISS Inspirational Speakers Series: This TED Talk type of event is an opportunity for you to polish your speaking skills while positioning yourself as an expert in your industry and we coach you every step of the way. Your hi-def, professional video will showcase your unique offerings, helping you garner more speaking engagements, while giving your website and social media personality. Watch the "What Is BLISS?" video or view past presentations. Attend BLISS by registering here.

“This is something I’ve been wanting to check off the list for years – a professional video showcasing my favorite topics. Speaking at BLISS is helping me reach a new audience to grow my business.”  -Leslie Carruthers, CEO, Search Guru

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