• 2017: According to experts, which social media trend is critical in growing your business?
  • Video: It's the most personal way to share your story and engage with your audience.

At Champion Studios, We Transform Professionals (Like You) Into Industry Leaders, Published Authors & Highly Sought After Speakers

How? By raising your credibility. We do this in two ways. First, we videotape you presenting your favorite topic at a TEDx type of event called BLISS. This showcases your subject matter expertise and positions you as a highly sought after speaker with a promotional video that highlights your story of success, failure, perseverance or hope. Second, we help you write a book. Whether your story is fiction or nonfiction, our Legacy Coaching Project will help you share your knowledge and experience.

Inspire Others with Your Unique Story

1. The BLISS Speakers Series. This event helps you polish your speaking skills while positioning you as an expert in your industry and we coach you every step of the way. The BLISS Event (Business Leaders & Inspirational Speakers Series) provides you with an opportunity to be professionally videotaped while presenting to a live audience. This hi-definition, broadcast quality promotional video will showcase your unique offerings, helping you garner more speaking engagements. while giving your website and social media personality. Watch the "What Is BLISS?" video or view past presentations. You can also attend the BLISS Event by registering here.

2. The Legacy Coaching Project. We promote your knowledge and experience by helping you write a novel, memoir or book of business practices to showcase your expertise. Paying special attention to your personal message of principles for success, we use a proven formula to help you tell your story effectively, while making it a page-turner. Working with a wide variety of writers, from beginners to professionals, we help you start, finish and publish your story for current and future generations. See info here.

As a professional, you've dedicated yourself to building your reputation and living life according to your values. With your experience comes a unique story that will inspire others. You can choose one or both of these valuable tools to share your story with your family, company or community. Interested in creating a Legacy video? Watch "My Brother the Boxer: The Terry Daniels Story," or contact us about our popular Legacy Videos.

“This is something I’ve been wanting to check off the list for years – a professional video showcasing my favorite topics. Speaking at BLISS is helping me reach a new audience to grow my business.”  -Leslie Carruthers, CEO, Search Guru

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